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About Dijlah Asset Management

Founded with the vision to propel contemporary industries toward a sustainable future, our company stands as a dynamic coalition of independent designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists. We offer an array of professional services while providing innovative perspectives on architectural and infrastructural design.

In our unwavering commitment to sustainable urban development, and organic agriculture, we strive incessantly towards ensuring success. Boasting over two centuries of combined industry expertise partners and buoyed by a robust ability to secure financial support from investors, financial institutions, and sovereign government funds, we stand poised to address the critical energy and water infrastructure requirements of the Arabian Gulf region generally and Iraq specifically. 

As an EPCM entity, we place paramount importance on the project lifecycle. Our success is derived from a multidisciplinary approach that is seasoned with experience. Our unique emphasis on project definition, design, and execution not only aims at yielding maximum returns for our stakeholders but also goes above and beyond in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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Welcome to Iraq Smart Cities

Iraq Smart Cities™ initiative is the realization of a dream to restore peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq. It is the culmination of over four years of planning, preparation, and investment.  Basrah Modern City or it could be in any province in Iraq is a multinational project, partnering with industry leaders in Green Energy, Car Free Cities, Water Purification, Sustainable Cities, Urban Development, Organic Farming, Healthcare, Education, and more.  

All powered by Geothermal Energy, the source of uninterrupted clean electricity Iraq Smart Cities™ will be agro-industrial, self-sustaining, geothermal electricity-producing, food and protein hubs, with world-class health and education systems. From planning and construction to execution and daily operation, every aspect of the city will employ the most advanced technology available. Iraq Smart Cities™ is the first and only smart city in the world.

The Iraq Smart Cities™ initiative represents our flagship endeavor, symbolizing our aspiration to bring peace and prosperity back to the people of Iraq. This project is the result of over four years of meticulous planning, rigorous preparation, and strategic investment. The Basrah Modern City, a prototype that could be replicated in any province of Iraq, is a multinational collaboration, joining hands with global frontrunners in Green Energy, Car-Free Urban Spaces, Water Purification, Sustainable Urban Planning, Organic Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, and beyond. Every aspect of this venture is powered by Geothermal Energy, our continuous source of clean electricity.

The Iraq Smart Cities™ model encapsulates agro-industrial, self-reliant communities powered by geothermal electricity. These cities will serve as centers for food and protein production, backed by top-tier health and education systems. From the blueprint and construction stages to execution and routine operations, we incorporate the latest technology in every facet of city life.

With the initiation of Iraq Smart Cities™, we proudly pioneer the world’s first and exclusive smart city model, lighting the path toward a sustainable future. Clean Energy, Sustainable fossil fuel car-free cities.






Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy in Iraq:  


Introduction: At Dijlah Asset Management, Inc., we believe in the transformative potential of geothermal energy in Iraq. As a clean and renewable energy source, geothermal energy offers numerous benefits for Iraq’s economy, society, and environment. This page explores the implications of geothermal energy in Iraq and highlights its role in shaping a sustainable future

Geothermal Plant

Overview of Geothermal Energy: Geothermal energy utilizes the natural heat stored beneath the Earth’s surface to generate electricity and provide heating and cooling solutions. In Iraq, the abundance of geothermal resources and favorable geological conditions make it a prime location for harnessing this clean energy source. Geothermal energy can contribute significantly to Iraq’s energy diversification efforts and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


Economic Implications: Investing in geothermal energy projects in Iraq holds immense economic potential. By developing geothermal resources, we can create job opportunities, support local economic development, and reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuel imports. Geothermal projects also attract domestic and international investments, fostering entrepreneurship and contributing to economic growth.


Social Implications: Geothermal energy has wide-ranging social implications in Iraq. Access to reliable and affordable electricity is crucial for communities to thrive. By tapping into geothermal resources, we can ensure sustainable energy access, powering homes, businesses, and public facilities. Geothermal projects also present opportunities for capacity building, skill development, and knowledge transfer, empowering local communities and promoting social progress.


Environmental Implications: With its minimal environmental impact, geothermal energy aligns with Iraq’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Geothermal power generation produces no greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improved air quality. By transitioning to geothermal energy, Iraq can mitigate climate change risks, preserve natural resources, and promote a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.


Geothermal Projects and Initiatives: At DijlahAM, we are actively involved in geothermal projects in Iraq. Our ongoing initiatives demonstrate the feasibility and potential of geothermal energy in the region. We are proud to be part of projects that harness geothermal resources, providing clean and sustainable energy solutions to communities in Iraq.


Investment and Collaboration Opportunities: We welcome collaboration and investment in geothermal energy projects in Iraq. The Iraqi government offers support, incentives, and a favorable regulatory framework to attract domestic and international stakeholders. As a trusted partner, we invite potential investors and geothermal plant builders to explore partnership opportunities and contribute to the growth of Iraq’s geothermal sector.


Why Investing in Geothermal Plants in Iraq: Investing in geothermal energy in Iraq offers compelling reasons, even considering the government’s purchasing price of 7 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) compared to the production cost of one cent per kWh. Here’s why investing in geothermal energy in Iraq can still be advantageous:

    • The abundance of Geothermal Resources: Iraq boasts significant geothermal activities across many provinces, providing ample opportunities for geothermal energy development. The abundance of geothermal resources ensures a sustainable and long-term energy source.


    • Favorable Government Terms: The Iraqi government offers attractive terms, including tax incentives and favorable land access, to encourage investments in geothermal energy projects. These incentives can significantly enhance the financial viability of such projects.


    • Growing Energy Demand: Iraq has a growing energy demand due to population growth, industrial expansion, and increasing electrification. Geothermal energy can help meet this demand while reducing dependency on imported fossil fuels, enhancing energy security.


    • Cost Stability and Long-Term Profitability: Geothermal energy projects benefit from stable and predictable operating costs over the long term. While the initial production cost may be higher, the ongoing costs are relatively lower compared to fossil fuel-based power generation. This stability can contribute to long-term profitability and a favorable return on investment.


    • Environmental Benefits: Investing in geothermal energy aligns with global environmental goals and demonstrates a commitment to clean and sustainable energy solutions. Geothermal power generation produces minimal greenhouse gas emissions, helping to mitigate climate change and reduce air pollution.


    • Energy Transition and Future-Proofing: As the world moves towards a low-carbon future, investing in geothermal energy positions your company as a leader in clean energy technology. By investing in the future of clean energy, you contribute to sustainability and resilience while aligning with evolving energy market trends.


    • Diversification and Risk Mitigation: Diversifying your investment portfolio to include geothermal energy projects in Iraq reduces dependence on traditional energy sources, spreads risk, and provides a hedge against potential price fluctuations in fossil fuel markets.


When considering the long-term potential, environmental benefits, favorable government terms, and the country’s abundant geothermal resources, investing in geothermal energy in Iraq can yield attractive returns while contributing to a sustainable and cleaner energy future.

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Our Industry Expertise

Our company DijlahAM operates as a multifaceted consortium offering engineering, architectural, and green energy consultancy. We have an accomplished team that seamlessly integrates various logistics, communication, and execution channels, maintaining project stability and success from inception to completion. Our expertise encompasses:

Engineering and Management of Geothermal Plants with our partners

Help Design and Implementation of Clean Electricity Solutions

Planning and Supervision of Water Purification Facilities

Help Design and Construction of Desalinization Plants

Architectural Consultancy for Sustainable Cities 

Consultancy and Management for Organic and Dairy, poultry, and fish Farms 

Design and Supervision of Food Processing Plants

Architectural and Engineering Services for Schools

Hospital Design and Management Consultancy Electric Tramways, and smart Electric Cars

In collaboration with our partners, some of the premier American companies in the Green Energy, Health, Education, and Smart Sustainable Cities sectors, we are committed to advancing technology within the Geothermal Energy field. Together, we are working to produce clean electricity that fuels sustainable and organic growth across industries.

Rendering of the Promenade at the Proposed Basra Sustainable City

Asset Portfolio

DijlahAM is a forward-thinking corporation with a strong focus on sustainable cities. With a global presence, our headquarters in Houston, Texas, along with offices in Dubai, UAE, Baghdad, Iraq, and London, England, we are committed to advancing the development of sustainable infrastructure. Our mission is to create a better future by integrating clean electricity, innovative healthcare facility designs, cutting-edge schools and hospitals, organic farms, food processing plants, and the enhancement of drinking water quality through purification or desalination.

At DijlahAM, we understand the importance of clean and renewable energy sources. We actively promote the implementation of clean electricity solutions in our asset portfolio, ensuring that our projects contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. By prioritizing renewable energy generation and reducing our carbon footprint, we aim to mitigate the impact of climate change and foster a cleaner environment for generations to come.

In addition to our commitment to clean energy, we believe in revolutionizing the design and functionality of healthcare facilities. We prioritize advanced designs that incorporate the latest technologies and innovations, creating spaces that facilitate efficient and high-quality healthcare services. Our focus on cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure enables us to support the delivery of exceptional medical care, enhancing the well-being of communities and promoting sustainable healthcare systems.

Education plays a vital role in building sustainable cities, and at DijlahAM, we recognize the significance of innovative schools and hospitals. We invest in modern educational facilities that provide an inspiring learning environment for students, empowering them to thrive and contribute to a sustainable future. Our dedication to advanced educational infrastructure contributes to the growth and development of communities, nurturing the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the critical role of agriculture and food processing in sustainable development. Our asset portfolio includes organic farms and food processing plants that prioritize sustainable practices. By promoting organic farming methods and implementing sustainable food processing techniques, we ensure the production of healthy and environmentally friendly food products. This approach not only supports the well-being of individuals but also fosters sustainable food systems that reduce environmental impact and contribute to the overall resilience of communities.

Lastly, DijlahAM is committed to enhancing the quality of drinking water. We prioritize projects that involve water purification or desalination to provide clean and safe drinking water to communities. By investing in sustainable water infrastructure, we address the pressing challenges of water scarcity and ensure access to a vital resource for all. Our efforts in water management align with our overall goal of creating sustainable cities that thrive in harmony with their natural surroundings.

At DijlahAM, we are dedicated to driving sustainable development and creating cities that are environmentally friendly, socially inclusive, and economically prosperous. Through our diversified asset portfolio and commitment to sustainable practices, we strive to be at the forefront of building a better future for all.

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